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Jul 10


The items listed in the archives represent collectible items in general. You can own serveral instances of one item with an individual state, price and so on. Now MyItems is ment for the administration of your collection. The main advantages of using MyItems are:

  • You get statistics of your collection in your account, so you can see how many items
    you have and how much money you have spent.
  • With MyItems it is very easy to find one item in your archive, by using a code (e.g. box-number.consecutive-number)
  • KdF-Wagen provides functions for checking the MyItems for completeness.
  • In archives you can set filters for items you own and items you don┬┤t own.

The MyItems page

To work on the myitems you have to login first. If you open an archive afterwards you will recognize that an additional column appears. In this column you will find upto 5 different buttons. The important one is this one:
After pressing this button a page opens, that almost looks like this.

In the top row you see the name of the archive your are currently working on (here brochures). To the left and right you see the same navigation buttons as in the archive itself. Most surprisingly they have the same function. Right below you see the first picture of the item you are currently working on. A click on the picture brings you back to the previous page.

Here you find all the properties of the MyItems. The properties are:

  • where: In this field you can store infos about where you got your item from (Ebay, Swap Meeting …)
  • archive: MyItems provides two fields to store infos about where you can find
    the item in your Archive.
  • price: These fields holds the price and the currency you have paid for the item.
  • date: The next two fields can hold the month and year of the purchase.
  • cond.(ition): With this dropdown list you can specify the state your item.
    1 for ┬┤like new┬┤ to 5- for ┬┤hardly collectible┬┤.
  • notes: Can hold any additional info you would like to store with this item.

In the upper row(s) you see your already exiting MyItems entries. The last is row is ment for a new MyItem entry. Last things you need to know are the function of the buttons.

This button saves your changes to the database.
This button deletes this MyItem object.
This a time saving button. By pressing this button the values of the properties of the corresponding item are saved as default values for new MyItems entries. Just try it.

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