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Aug 11

To work on the archives you have to login first. If you open an archive afterwards you will recognize that an additional column appears. In this column you will find upto 5 different buttons.

This button opens a new page (decribed later) that shows all the properties of the item. You can change the properties and the pictures.
This button opens the same page as the edit button, but the status of the item is shown as Ā“deletedĀ“. If you submit the changes, the item is deleted from the archive. Please note, that you can only delete your own uploads. If you have found a double or you think an item should be deleted that isnĀ“t yours, send me an email.

This button opens the same page as the edit button, but all fields are empty (of course). Now you can fill all the fields and add at least one picture. The item is added to the archive immediately.
Upcopy is almost the same as Upload, but the fields are already filled with the values of the item in the row where you have pressed the button. My expierience is, that this feature saves alot of time. Pictures are not copied.
This button opens a new page, which allows you to add new MyItems objects. The MyItems feature is described in this article
Edit/Delete/Upload/Upcopy page
After pressing one of the buttons mentioned above (except the MyItems button) a page opens, that looks like this.

upload page
Head infos
In the top row you see the name of the archive your are currently working on (here brochures). To the left and right you see the same navigation buttons as in the archive itself. Most surprisingly they have the same function. There is in fact one issue to mention with these buttons. Normally an archive is sorted by certain criterias. By changing the properties of an item that is part of the sorting pattern, the sequence is changed and the navigation with the buttons doesnĀ“t work properly in this case. It might happen that you skip the next or previous item (depends on where the item moved to).

Here you find all the properties of the item. The properties itself may differ from archive to archive, but the basic functions are the same for all of them.
On the right of the properties there are two fields with checkboxes for vw and archive specific categories. The cyan colored fields have subcategories, f.e. Bus >> T1 >> Barndoor.

Below the details you see an area that is dedicated to the picture handling. In the first row you see the pictures that are currently online. By pressing on the picture you can see them full size. In the head of the pictures you see a delete button. By pressing this button the according picture is deleted immediately!! Be careful with this feature. The first picture canĀ“t be deleted directly. You can change it by uploading a new one as a replacement.
To upload a new picture or replace an existing one, use the buttons on the second row. The Search (here Ā“DurchsuchenĀ“, because of my german windows version) button opens a file search dialog that enables you to navigate on your local harddrives. Just choose one file. The only limitation is, that it must be in jpg Format. The amount of pictures that can be uploaded differs from archive to archive. Before you upload the picture by pressing the submit button, check the two dropdown lists in the same column. With the first one Ā“logoĀ“ you can specify the placement of the Ā“kdf-wagenĀ“ logo. With the second one Ā“insertĀ“ you can specify what to do with the picture. The first option is to replace the first picture. The other options determines the place in the sequence of the pictures.
One word about the size of the pictures. The upload script has a lot of work to (resize, sharpen, thumbnail). ThatĀ“s why the size matters. If the script runs too long you get a timeout error. In this case try it with a smaller version of the picture. I scan my items with 100dpi and save them as jpg with 10% compression factor. This works reliable. Pictures bigger than 1500×1500 causes an error message.

Underneath the pictures you see a couple of buttons and links. The submit button sends the changes to the server and updates the database. Please note that the changes includes the pictures as well. Just in case you want to upload a picture, choose it before you press this button. The upload, upcopy and myitem buttons have the same funtionality as in the archive. ItĀ“s just a shortcut. The ‘<<< back to list‘ link opens the archive again

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