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Aug 07

Archiv SucheOn top of the archive list is an text input field and a link to the archive search. This enables you to search in the entire KdF-Wagen database by a wide range of criterias.

Archiv Suchein the search form you can specify the criterias according to your needs. You simply have to press the OK button to send your request. Your chosen criterias are preserved, to enable you the refine the criterias. To reset the criterias use the Reset button. The presentation of the found objects is supplemented by the type of the object(z.B. ads, brochures)

2 comments to “KdF-Wagen archive search”

  1. mario writes:

    hello do you know the color codes on the cars deliverd 1945-1947
    youre frend mario

    im making a kdf copy…

  2. FRANCISCO writes:

    Cover of VOCHOMANIA mexicos number 1 vw beetle magazine…….

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