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Jul 31

GDR FER VW Beetle accessory brochureIsn´t it nice to be surprised once in a while? To me it is the major aspect that keeps me collecting VW things. The two brochures are a suprise, because they come from the GDR (formerly socialist eastern part of germany)! Two different companies advertize VW Beetle spare parts and accessories from their own production.

Why did a GDR company build VW parts?

GDR IKS VW Beetleaccessory brochureFER (Fahrzeugelektrik Ruhla) is a company that already exists before the first world war and delivered parts to VW and other european car companies. Today FER is part of Truck-Lite Europe.

IKA Electrica was part of “VEB Leuchtenbau” and was specialized in lamps and bulbs. That this brochure is made for export purposes is obvious, as it is written in english. Funny is, that this brochure has a german title “VW Zubehör” (VW accessory) whereas the title of the german FER brochure is “Service Parts”.

DDR IKA VW Käfer Zubehör ProspektDDR FER VW Käfer Zubehör ProspektThese two books were published in east germany in the 60s as well. Main topic is the scandalous and exploitative conditions of the workers in the VW plants for the profit of the capitalists.
If we return to the question why a GDR company built VW parts, the simple answer is: Because the regime was in need of foreign currencies. As Bert Brecht said “First the grub, then the morality”.

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