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KdF-Wagen scopeThe KdF-Wagen account
Jul 12

KdF-Wagen is dedicated to VW automobilia collectors. Currently two major goals are focused:

1. To provide an overview on VW automobilia

  • How many items are known?
  • Which kind of items are interesting for me?
  • Tips & tricks around collecting

Everybodys support is welcome to get a maximum possible overview. All you have to do is to create you own free KdF-Wagen and use the functions provided by KdF-Wagen.de.

2. Documentation of your collection

  • Informations about an item (price, location, date, condition, archivnumber …)
  • easy access (simple, up to date, everywhere accessible)
  • secure (backup)
  • financial overview

KdF-Wagen.de provides the MyItems functions.

5 comments to “Goals of KdF-Wagen.de”

  1. Henk writes:

    a great goal and site dedicated to the “People’s Car”

    and how can one contact other members?

    Henk H.

  2. Frank writes:

    I┬┤m glad you asked, Henk. This is one of the functions I┬┤m currently working on. The plan is, that they are ready to use at the end of the month.

  3. Karen writes:

    Hi,I have a selection of press photos circa 1951 including the one amongst your archive photos of Wolfsburg factory.Most show production line etc…I was wondering if there are many of these around because I have been unable to find out much about them …regards

  4. Nicolas Rosenow writes:

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe K├Ąferfreunde,
    ich h├Ątte gerne einen Einblick in der mexikanischen K├Ąferprospekt El Sedan 1978. Ist das irgendwie m├Âglich die einzelnen Seiten einsehen zu d├╝rfen.

    Danke f├╝r alle M├╝hen im voraus
    Luftgek├╝hlte Gr├╝├če
    Nicolas Rosenow

  5. nicolas Rosenow writes:

    Dear Folks,

    new information to VW 1600 i SEDAN de Mexico
    look at: http://www.omnicar-ag.de
    or send a mail to webmaster@omnicar-ag.de
    Best regards
    Nicolas Rosenow

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