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Jul 23

Drews CabrioletThese pictures show the Drews convertible. Drews was a little factory in Wuppertal, Germany. Although the car could be ordered in official Volkswagen dealerships, only 150 of these cars were built. The first and the second picture may be taken at a Motoshow in Rheydt 1949, where the car was presented for the first time.

Only the chassis and a few other parts were taken from the beetle. The rest especially the aluminium body was hand made and took 1000 hours of work.

Drews Cabriolet Drews Cabriolet Prospekt
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  1. Philip Lippert Topcik writes:

    Great…I think I have a Drews. Google Ugly Phil Topcik you will see a drews similar to the one at Vw Museum for a while. Two Seater, Removealble hard top, roll up windows, split front window, Kassalerstaten bumpers, Suicide doors, Eigenbau #001, Baughart 1951……HELP need more
    Philip L Topcik 904 880 4626 USA ENDOFIL1@comcast.net

  2. Phil topcik writes:

    Still searching. New email 9/2016

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