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VW Samba Bus paper model Möwe VerlagKdF-Wagen meets Wordpress
Jul 22

Samba Papier ModellThis is an 50s Wilhelmshavener Modellbaubogen of the Möwe Verlags. Please honor the permission of Mr. Siegfried Wolter, CEO of the Möwe Verlag, for the permission to publish this model with a visit of their online-shop.
This model is not so difficult and therefore good for a start, before you try to build the samba model. If you have done ist send me some pictures and I will add them to a gallery.
Here are the files as Zip and as Tar.

2 comments to “VW Pickup paper model”

  1. Jose Cardoso writes:

    I recently finished this model.
    Please let me know how can I send photos to be included in the gallery.


  2. Luis Ramirez writes:

    Ienjoied crafting this one, but, aIhave a Karmann and I wanted to know if you have any karmann guia models, It´s my favorite VW, (I have a 65 one!!)

    Regards, Luis

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