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Jul 12

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To create your own account is quick and simple. But before you do this please read the terms and conditions section to learn what KdF-Wagen ist all about and which guidelines we have for the usage of this site. The first step to get your account is to follow the in the line in the front page.

You will see the this dialog:

The only thing you have do is to enter a username and a valid email adress. The systems will check, if the your username isn´t already in use. If everything is fine, you will see a success message. The system sends you an email with an initial password. With this passoword and your username you are able to login. To achieve the rights necessary to work on the archives you have to complete the required information in your account first (this is described later). Now you are ready to go.

After your successful login, you will enter the user area. In the menu of the left side you can get back to the first page or navigate through the user specific pages.


The Numeric Stats table contains informations about the current number of items in the different archives and your number of distinct items. To see your items there, you have to use the MyItems feature. Please refer to the corresponding section.
The Financial stats table contains informations about the number of items you have and the totalized amount of money you spent for them as well the average price for an item. To see your items there you have to use the MyItems feature.


On this page you will see your account infos. You can change the settings at any time and save them by pressing the yellow button.
In the headline of the table you see ´incomplete´ in brackets. This hint will turn into ´complete´ as soon as you have filled all of the required fields. Please note that the approval of the terms & conditions is required as well. After this the rights are granted to work on the archives.

In the very last row you see the field ´as credit show´. Behind some of the entries in the archives you see names written in red, that indicates that this user uploaded the item to the archive. With this listbox you can choose how your credits look like. The available values are:

  • username: The credit is shown as your username angezeigt
  • first- and last name: The credit is shown as your first and lastname
  • no name: No credit is shown

Your userid is stored anyway during the upload, so that you can change these settings at any time, without loosing anything.

My Archive

For users of the MyItems features this page offers a couple of nice search options.
This listbox contains all distinct values of the first archive info stored in MyItems. Choose one and the table will show all MyItems matching this archive name.
Year of purchase, Origin
This listbox contains all distincts values for years/sources stored in MyItems. Choose one and the table will show all MyItems of this year/source.
this listbox contains a couple of special queries that helps you to check and complete the MyItems informations.

  • No archive, no price, no date, no month: The tabel contains all MyItems objects that lacks this info.
  • Top 25 price, Top 50 price: Shows the topmost expensive items of your collection.

With the little yellow buttons you can open the MyItems page for the corresponding item.

2 comments to “The KdF-Wagen account”

  1. edin writes:

    I would love to have an account for this amazing website. Thanx

  2. kdf120 writes:


    habe das Netz nach allem zum Typ 120 abgesucht und bin bei euch fĂĽndig geworden.
    Ich suche falls möglich AuszĂĽge oder sonstiges aus ” Vorläufige Bedienungsanweisung und Instandsetzungsanleitung fĂĽr Stationär-Motor-KdF. Typ 120.”Etwaige Unkosten werden erstattet.

    Vielen Dank im Vorraus

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