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Jul 17

This is an internal report of Vauxhall motors from 1947. They investigated a type 11 & type 51.This report was made shortly after the BIOS report, but wasn´t part of it. The part of the BIOS report made by Humber is referenced in the text. This folder has 98 pages, numbered from 22 to 120. The pages from 22 to 61 contains text and diagrams of the results of the testing. The pages 62 to 115 are photos of the cars, details of interesting parts and pages of the spare parts catalogue. The remainig pages contains technical drawings of the door, sealings, seats and roof trim. The pictures are scans of photos.
The dietribution list is quite interesting, because there are not very much copies of this report. Is it because the result was already set before they started the investigation?

this picture shows the froeword. It references the report of Humber, that was part of the BIOS investigation. Although this report was known by the Vauxhall engeneers, they made their own. The reasons are obscure. From the present point of view the report is a lucky find, because it allows a deeper insight in a difficult year for Volkswagen.

The following pictures shows the quality standards if the production at that time. Obviously they had major problems with the supply of materials. Both cars are missing hub caps, a second wiper, semaphores and the original light on the rear lid. The type 11 model shows a smaller windscreen that was made up with a sheet of medal.

8 comments to “Vauxhall Report 1947 - 1244/2 - Volkswagen”

  1. Thomas writes:

    Is it possible to get a copy of this report? I’m interested about the technical details of the Type 51.
    Please contact me: thomas.tschinder@gmx.net

    Best Regards


  2. Frank writes:

    Hi Thomas,
    I´will not copy this report, sorry. There are not many informations about the 51 anyway. Vauxhall became the 51 first, but asked for an ordinary model, which was delivered a little later. That´s why they made most of testing with the standard beetle.
    Regards, Frank

  3. Barbara writes:

    Hi Frank, can you say me what sparepart comes not original from VW to the 51 ? its the batterie or the wipper or the wheel nr 5 or the sit on the right side? thanks , we have to answer here this question - barbara

  4. freid writes:

    will you upload the other pics from the type 11? It´s verry interesting to see the technical side on pictures. iám interested on the technical details of the Type 11 in this report too.
    Thank for helping,

  5. Timothy Lauenroth writes:

    je kiffe cet article :-)

  6. Andrew Paterson writes:

    I am restoring a Type 51 (1945) I would very much like access to the photos with this report.


  7. André Barros writes:

    Hi,I’m from Brazil! I have a 1946 typ 51 VW who was produced in June 1946! But i have many difficult to find, contents of it! Do you knkw how many VW typ 51 ( with Kubelwagen chassis) were produced?
    Thank you. Ery much!

  8. Sitzerhöhung mit Isofix writes:

    Toller Artikel, gefällt mir gut. Ich habe diesen auf Social Media geteilt
    und einige Likes hierfĂĽr bekommen. Weiter so!

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