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30 Jul

Reuters Beetle brochureI remember the day I saw a Reuters brochures for the very first time. It was a Beetle brochure from 1955 shown here to the right. In times when other car companys advertized their economy cars with small leaflets, VW provided these pieces of art to their customers. Thick paper with a spiral binding, pop out pages with transparent films and on the last page a small pocket for the price list.

Reuters VW Bus ProspektThe icing on the cake are the wonderful illustrations from Bernd Reuters. They made the models racier, roomier and more exclusive than they were in real world and convey a undelible impression of quality. The engagement of Bernd Reuters was a stroke of luck for VW, because he has been a very successful graphic artitst before the second world war. He fashioned brochures for a lot of car companies and made illustrations for front pages of magazins like “das Auto” and “Motor”.
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