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02 Dec

Another publication from Volkswagen for free download. Sorry, haven´t found an english translation. Main topic is the history of the Volkswagen plant in Braunschweig that evolved from the “Vorwerk”

18 Aug

In autumn 1938, even before the conerstone of the VW factory in Wolfsburg has been laid, the Vorwerk in Braunschweig started operation. The goals of this facility were the education of skilled workers for the service and production of the Volkswagen as well as the production of special tools for the VW factory.
The decision to build a new factory for the production of the KdF-Wagen enabled the regime to select and train the future staff according to their own measures and requirements.

From the beginning it was made clear, that this is an elitist facility. The selected trainees went through a elaborated training program in well equipped workshops.
The selection of the trainees followed strict guidelines, therfore no one was bothered about the holistic approach of the training. Beside the technical skills, sports and politics were part of the training porgram. The tone was military and the training methods were performance oriented and selective.
Ley besucht das VorwerkThe goal wasn´t only to train the technical knowledge, the trainees were trained to be the future leaders of the VW staff. As the apprentices came from all over germany and occupied countries (f.e. Austria, Norway), the Vorwerk has its own residential home that was under the control of the HJ (Hitlerjugend).
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17 Jul

KdF-Wagen Sparkarte gelbDie KdF-Wagen sollten 990 Mark kosten. Dies war für die breite Masse der Arbeitnehmer immer noch eine hohe Summe. Es wurde daher untersucht welchen Betrag eine durchschnittliche Familie in der Lage wäre zu sparen. So wurde das Sparsystem ins Leben gerufen, bei dem sich der Käufer verpflichtete jede Woche mindestens eine Marke für 5 Mark zu erwerben. read more »

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